“The Dream Destination for Travelers!”

    Europe trips are always exciting but quite expensive for the travelling point of view. What if you can have your car to travel as per your convenience! Enjoy the privacy and stay away from concerns like taxi prices, bus stops and train schedules. Plan and visit your dream destination the way you want. We, at Citroen Drive Europe, provide premium cars on rental at the best price. Enjoy your driving on the beautiful roads of European countries.


    “The Land of Breathtaking Scenic Beauty!”

    Witness the beautiful landscapes of Europe with your friends and family. Citroen Drive Europe understands the value of your trip and thus ensures you get the best plan of a rental car to take your experience to the next level. Discover the most beautiful European landscapes, especially in places like Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and Ireland. Rent a car and enjoy the maximum comfort throughout your journey and make it a trip to remember.


    “An Ideal Destination for Road Trip Lovers!”

    When it comes to vacation in Europe, the best way to explore its places is by driving. Passing by the busy roads of Barcelona, the famous bridge of London, green belts of Norway, beautiful houses of Netherlands, classical architecture of Rome, and snowy fields of Zurich is a thrilling experience. Get the most luxurious cars from Citroen Drive Europe at the most competitive price and explore your favourite places on your own. Let the adventure begin!

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Are you planning to explore European countries? Great choice! But where exactly you are planning to go? We have our cars available on rent for various destinations across Europe. So, pick your destination and press on the accelerator! Before you rent a car and hit the road to start a memorable trip, remember to bring your valid driver’s license, credit and debit cards, insurance papers and additional identity proof (such as a passport).

It’s beyond Traveling

What is Citroen Drive Europe offering to its clients? Are you just renting a car in exchange for money? No! It is way more than that. We understand that a trip to Europe is not something that you plan every other day. It takes a lot of time and more importantly a good amount of your hard-earned money. So, we ensure you experience a fantastic journey that is worthy of your every single dollar. Our main intention is to provide you with a low cost but comfortable travelling. With Citroen Drive Europe, you get the premium cars at the best price.

  • Get Premium Quality Cars

  • Quick and Easy Rental procedure

  • Affordable Price

  • Best Customers Support



Over the years, Citroen Drive Europe has catered to thousands of tourists and helped them rent premium quality cars through a quick and easy rental procedure. We understand many people have the wanderlust and will to explore places at their own pace. Travelling on a train or bus doesn’t give them the same experience or flexibility to move at their timeline. Therefore, renting a car to travel across European regions is a better alternative because it provides flexibility and comfort. If you are planning to travel to Europe and need a reliable car rental service in Paris, London, Barcelona, Zurich or any other city of the big continent, we are at your service. You can choose from an array of rental plans and vehicles to ensure your trip is fun and easy. What’s more, our friendly approach towards our clients, transparency and limited paperwork, competitive price and hunger for customer satisfaction make us a reliable and popular name in the market.

Top Locations

Explore the most beautiful places of Europe in our rental cars. Enjoy your outing in your own way!

Our Vision

Navigating a whole new place on your own is a thrilling experience. And to make this experience further better, Citroen Drive Europe is offering car rental at a competitive price. Once you contact us, you can look forward to planning your schedule and start exploring straight away. Our primary objective is to give you the freedom to drive through exciting new locations without getting worried about the taxi price, train and bus schedule, tickets, availability of transport, and other similar things. Plan your day trips, enjoy the excursions to nearby attractions, and stay wherever you want.
We are in this business for almost two decades now, and we usually get appreciations for following a simple booking system, a customer-friendly approach and having an exceptional range of vehicles. Citroen Drive Europe is the perfect place for car rental. We have different plans on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis, so you can discuss with us and decide which one will be the most appropriate for your trip. Keeping in mind different requirements, we offer short term and long term deals in various locations.


I Felt Like a Free Soul behind the Steering Wheel

“If you want me to explain that feeling when I was driving my car through the streets of Barcelona, Paris and Rome, trust me, it is quite challenging to put in words! But I must say, Europe is a colourful place with amazing people and everyone must visit at least once in a lifetime. Initially, I was not sure about renting a car, but to cut the expenses we all (friends) decided to go for it. And thank god we took that decision! Believe me, travelling by road, and that too in a European country is like a dream come true. We rent our car from Citroen Drive Europe, who became an amazing partner throughout our two weeks journey. They not only provided a luxurious car at a good price but also impressed us with their friendly approach. We drove Citroen DS7, and man! It felt like we were riding a beast! Simply loved it.”