Safe cars

As customer safety is our primary concern, all our rentable cars are stringently tested and properly verified. Also they are all well maintained both aesthetically and technically you can drive safely with your friends and family.

Numerous payment methods

Citroen Drive Europe offers you the possibility of selecting the payment method that is most suitable for you – be it cash payment, debit card, credit card or payment order. This gives you the freedom to plan your future transaction during the journey.

Clean vehicles

After safety, our biggest priority is to provide clean vehicles to our customer. Our team of specialised professionals ensures that cars are is absolutely clean and ready to use.

Airport delivery

We also provide our customers possibility of car delivery to the nearest airport from our car center. This not only saves your but also additional expenses like taxi fare.

Get full gas tank

Not many rental cars will offer you this facility but we do! All our cars for rental are ready to go as you get them with their gas tank full!


Book car without advance payment

We give you the option to book a car without any advance payment. All you need to do is to mention the time, location you want, and date. And you will get the car.